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How to maintain a diesel generating set in winter

In winter, this is the time for all machinery and equipment to be taken care of. The weather is humid and the water is quite sufficient. The factors that will affect the generator will be more, and the maintenance will be more complicated, because the viscosity of the oil and fuel is relatively high. So in winter, the diesel generator needs to pay attention to the addition of relatively dilute fuel, which helps to use it. In winter, it is crucial to pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the diesel generator and to record the real time.

For diesel generators, because it is not the daily main power supply equipment, so the daily maintenance mainly includes the following aspects:

1, regular inspection and replacement of diesel filters and oil filters;

2, regularly clean up and check intake filters and replace them in a fixed period (or replace them according to the working conditions of the field and the air permeability of intake filters).

3, check and clean up the battery junction column regularly to keep the wiring column clean.

4, check the battery charge state regularly to ensure good charging effect.

5, check the state of the fan belt regularly to ensure no damage and normal tightness.

6, check the state of the coolant regularly to ensure that the requirements are met.

7, check or replace the diesel engine of Chongqing generator regularly to ensure that the oil level is normal.

8, during the cold winter season, it is necessary to ensure the normal work of the preheating unit of the unit so that it can start normally when the generator needs to be started.

9, check the oil quantity of the diesel tank before each time, and keep the full state.

10, clean the dit of the outer surface of the Weifang diesel generator on a regular basis.

11, if the water cooling unit, also regularly check the circulating cooling water system (water pump, water and so on) is normal, control system is normal.


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