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Cause of failure to start and vibration of diesel generator set

One, the reason that the diesel generating set can not start is probably the following points:

1, the battery is not caused by electricity.

2. The generator set up the motor fault.

3. Malfunction of magnetic starter.

4, diesel engine fuel cut-off valve failure.

5, DC monitoring board failure.

6. The diesel pipeline has air.

7, oil pump failure.

Two. The reason for the large vibration of the diesel generator set is probably the following.

1. The gap between the axle bush of the diesel generator set is too large or the axial clearance exceeds the standard.

2. The injector has a bad atomization and knocks the cylinder.

3, the diesel engine and the generator are connected to the deformation.

4. Improper assembly of flywheel components.

5, the crankshafts and connecting rods are loosened.

6. The actual effect of the supercharger.



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